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Handbugs Range of low-cost hand hygiene training kits and lotion




Hand-Bugs Next-Generation, Hand-Wash Training Lotions and Kits, have been specifically designed for the Budget Conscious or 'Occasional' Training user.

Designed and Manufactured here in the UK. Hand-Bugs Training Kits bring proven-effective UV Based Training Methods within the reach of everyone.


Handbugs Hand-Washing Training Kit #1

Hand Bugs Training Kit #1


Handbugs Hand-Washing Training Kit #2

Hand Bugs Training Kit #2


Handbugs Hand-Washing Training Kit #3

Hand Bugs Training Kit #3

  Fun-to-Teach & Fun-to-Learn
  Safe and Non-Toxic
  Great Value-for-Money
  C.Q.C Compliance
  Made in the UK

Hand Bugs are invisible microscopic particles which when applied to hands, will hide in the 'nooks and crannies' of your skin in much the same way as microbes and germs would do.

After washing and a UV light is shone on to the hands, these microscopic particles (that have remained on the skin due to ineffective hand-washing technique) will light-up and reveal their hiding places!

Once the correct method of hand-washing has been demonstrated and taught, it should be possible for the student to wash-off all the hidden Hand-Bug particles and thereby show mastery of the technique by having no Hand-Bug particles show-up under the UV light. 



Hand Bugs Distinctive Bright Blue Glow under UV

Handbugs lotion glowing light blue under UV light

A Step-by-Step Guide

Prior to receiving training, dispense a small amount of Hand Bugs Lotion onto the palm and rub well into both hands and wrists.


Shine the UV Forensic Torch over hands to reveal the Hand Bugs particles which should now present all over the hands and wrists. See them glow!


Now wash and dry hands normally, then place under the UV Torch once again.


There will probably be particles or patches of Hand Bugs remaining on the skin i.e. under finger nails and cuticles, as well as under rings and the straps of watches etc. These are all indications of ineffective hand washing technique.


Demonstrate the correct method of hand-washing and repeat this procedure if necessary.





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Designed and Manufactured in the UK by Handbugs

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